A Solution To Finding Shares For Short Sellers {VIDEO}

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Key Takeaways

How to make money with TradeZero without even placing a trade — seriously!
TradeZero is revolutionizing how you find borrows. Check this out!
Frustrated by lack of shares to borrow? I’ve finally found a solution…

I’m back with TradeZero CEO and cofounder Dan Pipitone. I have a whole video series with Dan, watch them all below:

Why I Would Start Short Selling Again
Lessons From My 20+ Year Trading Journey
The Truth Behind Trading Mentors — Do They Show THIS?
My Favorite Broker For Small Accounts in 2022
How To Look At 2022’s Stock Market
Simple Tips For New Traders From A Broker

In today’s video, Dan and I talk about some very exciting TradeZero features. One of them could revolutionize the entire industry! And it could even mean more ways to profit for YOU! Tune in to the video below to discover…

Why shorting is a vital part of functioning markets.
How TradeZero has improved their short game focus to get YOU the best borrows — even for hard-to-borrow stocks!
How you can profit from locating shares to short, even if you don’t make a trade!

Don’t miss this video! This is a game-changer for short sellers…

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I’ve made millions going long and short in the stock market. Now I teach repeating penny stock patterns to students in my Trading Challenge. My goal is to be the mentor to you that I never had. Avoid unnecessary frustration and losses with the right teacher.

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Do you think I should test out TradeZero’s locating feature? Tell me why or why not in a comment below! 

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