Challenge Webinar Top Penny Stock Trading Lessons: Root for a Big Market Panic

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Challenge Webinar Top Penny Stock Trading Lessons: Key Points

A big crash is healthy for the markets and it reinforces self-discipline. See lesson #1.
Now’s the time to position yourself for the next bull market. See lesson #2.
How to find solid plays when the market is tanking. See lesson #3.

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3 Top Penny Stock Trading Lessons

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Last week’s Q&A webinar had several questions about the current market sell-off. Here are three trading lessons from the webinar. Read to the end to discover what you’ll learn when you watch the webinar replay.

Penny Stock Trading Lesson #1: Root for a Big Market Panic

There are too many undisciplined traders with too much money right now. It never lasts. It’s almost like there’s a balance to the universe and we’re out of whack.

I’ve been warning for months about a market crash in 2022…

Here’s part of my watchlist that I sent to students as I’ve been warning of a #marketcrash & #Bitcoin crash not because the fundamentals are so bad but because too many undisciplined newbies are gambling too aggressively & following irresponsible promoters

— Timothy Sykes (@timothysykes) January 24, 2022

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Tesla, crypto, or the Nasdaq … It’s gone on too long. Rules apply and discipline matters. (I trade using these rules.) You can’t invest using leverage and expect everything to keep going up.

I’m looking for more panic. Yes, the Nasdaq is down 18% off it’s highs. But if you look at the past two years, that’s nothing.

Frankly, when the Fed starts to raise rates, it never ends well. Look at the last time the Fed raised rates 50 basis points. That was 2000 — the Nasdaq top.

I hope we get the giant crash. Not because I want people to suffer but because it’s healthier for the markets in the long run. And it’s healthier for individuals to learn trading discipline.

Also, if there is a giant panic, it will create even more opportunities…

Penny Stock Trading Lesson #2: Turn Fear Into Opportunity

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I’m getting a lot of questions, DMs, and emails from people worried about the current market. Some questions are from long-term investors with 401Ks down double-digits. Others are from newbies who trusted promoters.

You don’t have to have A+ setups to do well in the market. That said, you have to protect your gains. Right now there are plenty of A- and B+ setups if you know what to look for and what to avoid.

If you don’t know, you can practice the different setups I teach. Now’s a great time to learn a new strategy. Even in this environment, I’ve made $24,269 so far in January.

One way I’ve learned to overcome market sentiment is to learn…

Penny Stock Trading Lesson #3: How to Spot Breaking News Runners

I encourage you to watch my Holiday Trading Guide. The STT Breaking News Chat team curates news. It saves time, but you still have to watch to see what kinds of breaking news catalysts spike stocks in this market.

For example, if metaverse plays are spiking and there’s a new play with metaverse news, it could spike, too.

But if the big spikers on a given day are all biotechs and a company has crypto news, I don’t value it as highly. You gotta find which sectors and patterns are hot and then capitalize on them.

More Top Penny Stock Trading Lessons

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Here are 8 more lessons to look for when you watch the webinar. Trading Challenge students can watch the replay here.

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8 More Penny Stock Trading Lessons

Miss the webinar? Here’s what you’ll learn when you watch the replay…

Losses are the enemy, right? WRONG! Losses help you overcome the biggest obstacle to your success. (PLUS: 3 more ways losses are beneficial.) 
Trading isn’t an exact science, but when it comes to promoters I’ve never been wrong. Discover why my record against promoters is 100%.
The shocking truth about my early DVDs that will make you laugh. (And why you should get excited about the lessons they teach.) 
What to adjust if you’re concerned about OTC liquidity. It’s simple, but some traders have to learn the hard way.
Why shorting dividend-paying stocks makes almost no sense for my strategies. (And what I’m focused on now that could bring me out of short seller retirement.)
The opportunity YOU have today that most people will never have. (And why your determination, dedication, and perseverance mean everything especially right now!)
Why I avoid plays like Vinco Ventures Inc. (NASDAQ: BBIG) and what to look for instead. 
Why you should listen when arguably the greatest penny stock trader in history says, “Boxing positions is a bad idea.” (And why I agree 100%.)

There were at least 17 more trading lessons I didn’t mention here. And we made this video lesson during the webinar.

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