The Best Trading Pattern To Look For Every Morning {VIDEO}

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My favorite pattern in the entire market happens in the morning. But it doesn’t come around every day. And they’re not all created equal…

Watch the video below to learn what sets the best opportunities apart from the rest, and what I look for to get the best risk to reward from my trades.

In today’s video you’ll learn:

What I look for to pinpoint the best morning pattern…
The decrepit, egotistical human beings I’m most thankful for.
Why this pattern works so well if you hate chasing stocks
Why I want a stock to go as high as possible before I buy…

Learn all that and more counterintuitive lessons in the video below! And use this tool daily to find the best pumps and short squeezes. Study up!

Click the links below to learn how to:

Spot my favorite pattern.
Prepare every morning.
Plan and trade the pattern.

Ready to level up your trading and focus on the best setups? I’ve traded penny stocks for 20+ years and I have over 20 millionaire students. I know what works and what doesn’t. If you want to learn from a mentor who can speed up your learning curve — apply for my Trading Challenge today!

Will you study all my trading resources to improve your odds of success? Let me know in a comment below — I love hearing from you!

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