How I Spent Last Year’s $1 Million In Trading Profits {VIDEO}

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I love donating money to charity. But like everything I do, I don’t do it in a conventional way. Learn why I give to small charities and get inspired to become successful and give back!

Watch the video to learn:

Why you shouldn’t join chat rooms and follow alerts.
How I keep it real when donating to charity — just like in my trading.
Why I focus my main business on teaching.
How I celebrate all my millionaire students’ huge milestones…

Get inspired by my montage of giving below!

I have over two dozen millionaire students created from scratch. And they all came from my Trading Challenge. That’s because Challenge students get access to all my top educational resources. It’s a full learning experience. Are you dedicated to learning it all? If you are…

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Will you give back when you become successful? Let me know in a comment below — I love hearing from you!

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