My Ugly-Market Trading Plan + How Volatility Creates Opportunities {VIDEO}

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The world is scary right now. So are the markets.

I didn’t see the Russia-Ukraine crisis coming, but I predicted a market crash months ago. Here’s what traders need to know…

Even in an uncertain market, there are ALWAYS opportunities. I want to teach you how to find them. 

Even in this ugly market, I’ve made over $47K so far this year — while trading safely.
Even in this ugly market, my student Jack Kellogg made over $65K in a single day — even with a few losses. He just passed the $9 million profit mark.
And, even in this ugly market, my student Suzy (SuzyQ on made $1,000 trading China Xuefeng Environmental (OTCPK: ELEK) — more than I made on the same stock!

It IS possible to profit in the current market.

As a teacher, it’s my goal to help my Trading Challenge students trade smarter and stay safe. That’s why I made the video below. Here’s what you’ll learn:

How I’ve focused on small wins to stay profitable in this ugly market.
Why modest goals are SO important at times like these — my goal is just 5%–10%!
How I use the StocksToTrade built-in scans (try it here with the Breaking News Chat add-on!) to find the best potential trades.
The SPECIFIC criteria I’m looking for in trades RIGHT NOW — sectors, catalysts, and more…
A breakdown of my $325 profit on Camber Energy Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN: CEI) and my $832 profit on ELEK — including how I found these runners…
Why I don’t trade everything on my watchlist. No matter how much it spikes, if it’s not a setup I’m comfortable with, I stay away…
How SMART traders use alerts and trading resources.
Why it’s CRUCIAL to follow my #1 rule — CUT LOSSES QUICKLY!

Watch My Video on Finding Opportunities in This Ugly Market

This isn’t the time to be taking crazy risks. It’s the time to focus on safety and stick with the BEST setups.

But even if you don’t want to trade, you can still practice, paper trade, and focus on refining your process.

Ready to focus on learning? All my top students came from my Trading Challenge. It’s an incredible resource with live webinars, thousands of video lessons, and my chat room. If you want to build your knowledge account, apply for the Trading Challenge today!

Safety First!

I hope you’re staying safe in this ugly market.

The indexes are down. Crypto’s down. Huge companies have dropped big.

It’s more important now than ever to stick to your top setups and be discerning about the trades you take.

That means being prepared.
That means having a plan.
And that means cutting losses quickly.

I want you to avoid devastating losses — that’s why I’m here to help you learn. Far too many traders are suffering right now because they’re not prepared.

Do you understand why I focus on small gains? Do you get why chasing home runs is dangerous? Leave a comment if you understand what I’m saying in this video! 

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