Is ExxonMobil a better buy compared to Chevron which is already fully priced

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Chevron Corporation (NYSE:CVX) and Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) have been bullish since February. Chevron is trading at $162, while Exxon Mobil is trading at $85.56. Since the energy sector continues to gain against the recession, both stocks are recommended. Exxon Mobil, however, is a better buy.

ExxonMobil is trading at a PE of 9.03 and a PEG of 0.44. The dividend yield is 3.84%. Zacks research identifies Exxon Mobil as a strong value and growth stock with A-rating. On momentum, the stock has a B-rating.

Focusing on Chevron Corporation, the PE is 9.94, with the PEG at 0.86. The dividend yield is 3.33%. The stock is A-rated on growth with B-rating on both value and momentum.

Chevron provided higher returns but it is fully priced

Source – TradingView

Chevron faces resistance at $170. The stock is trading at an RSI of 60 with the potential for downward momentum. Unless there is major oil-market development to support further gains, Chevron is likely to remain below $170.

Exxon Mobil also remains bullish. This week, however, the stock shed 6.59% under the recessionary pressure. At the price of $85, the RSI is 60.30. Though the RSI points to declining momentum, our analysis shows that the stock is likely to gain. The stock momentum would point towards a new high between $90 and $100.


Chevron Corporation appears to be fully priced, while Exxon Mobil is not. Considering the recessionary pressures, Exxon Mobil is a better stock to hold. Exxon Mobil has more growth potential while Chevron Corporation is fully priced.

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