SecureKloud announces next-gen tech to drive businesses’ digital transformation

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SecureKloud Technologies, an IT and cloud service firm that counts AWS and Google among its top partners, has launched four next-generation platforms to help drive digital transformation.

The firm, which is based in the San Francisco Bay area and has more than 14 years of experience in the cloud services sector, is eyeing the four premium platforms as the foundation that will drive smarter and faster adoption of digital technology around the world.

CloudEdge, DataEdge, Neutral Zone, and Blockedge will be available at optimized costs to businesses across the world, the company said in a press release.

Suresh Venkatachari, Chairman and CEO of SecureKloud Technologies commented:

The next-generation platforms, built on our cloud capabilities and vast experience, and in tune with the rising market demands, will help the future digital transformation journey smarter, faster, and secure. Our automated platforms have helped some of the Fortune 500 companies stay ahead of the growth curve and outclass their competitors. Now this will be available to all large and small organizations.

Cloud deployment, data sharing and building blockchains

Businesses will leverage CloudEdge to accelerate cloud deployment; DataEdge to integrate data-driven decision making and Neutral Zone for seamless data sharing. 

The fourth platform, Blockedge, provides for an end-to-end blockchain infrastructure system. With this management platform, businesses can quickly and securely build enterprise blockchains that scale.

According to SecureKloud, the four products are Microservices-based and API-driven, meaning operational costs are reduced by up to 80%.

The company hopes to grow its customers two-fold on a quarterly basis, with the new platforms and strategic partnerships among other factors helping it to drive its customers’ digital experiences.

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